Saturday, September 17, 2016

Just joined Close to my Heart AGAIN

Hi everyone!  Just wanted you to know that I just joined Close to my Heart again...  Here is my website:   

You probably know that last year I was gone for 5 months from August through part of December.  My sister had been fighting the Big C word for several years and she was the primary care taker of my mom back in Illinois.  Well she got pretty weak and I traveled to Illinois to take care of mom.  Both my mom and sister passed in November...cry time!

Well anyway, during that time, I didn't even think about my crafting, scrapbooking  or card making.  Not placing regular orders with CTMH, caused me the lose of my status.  So I had to rejoin.  Not a bad thing mind you since the kit only cost $75 and you get $200 worth of product AND you get to pick $50 of stamps and ink that you want.  So that means you really only join or $25...not a bad deal if I say so myself.

See you get a medium size storage case...blocks...scissors...glue...foam tape...stamp cleaner and scrubber....stamp perks....all kinds of business supplies including again don't forget about that $50 in credit that I will need to spend TODAY!  I really love Close to my Heart!

Well I better start building my business yet again from the ground up....let's party!